Sharon O. Lightholder

Welcome to the Albedo Press author's page for Sharon O. Lightholder.  

After a lifetime of writing for others, as a fiscal analyst, risk manager, probation officer, court investigator, and attorney, she is now living Toni Morrison's challenge to "write the books you wanted to read". 

Here is a sample of her deeply-researched and inventive work. Added details are on the following pages. 

In 2020, she published Jeferson's Chef: James Hemings - From Slavery to Freedom,  the groundbreaking imagined biography of James Hemings, the slave who changed America. 

Her prior historical fiction, The English Rendition and The Baldwin Portolano, explore the complexity of the human condition in wartime.  Her modern medical fiction, The Paris Draft - The Road Back From Dementia, is a look into our future through a blocked writer and his brilliant editor.

Her non-fiction work with Vietnam The War Zone Dictionary In Their Own Words, is the most comprehensive collection of the language of the NATO nations in official and slang usage.  

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